2020 Off-Road Cycling Permit

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The OFF-ROAD CYCLING PERMIT (ORC) entitles one off-road bicycle access and use of DNR properties where off-road cycling is allowed.  This is not an entrance permit and does not cover special user charges for services and facilities within the property.


This permit is required only for trails identified as “Intermediate,” “Advanced,” and “Expert.” This permit is not required for trails identified as “Beginner.”

The Indiana DNR reserves the right to revoke this permit at any time if improperly used.

It is unlawful to copy or reproduce this permit. Individuals presenting a copied or reproduced permit for sale or personal use will be prosecuted to the full extent permissible under Indiana law.


Permits are valid January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020.

Permits may also be purchased at all state park, reservoir and forestry property offices and or gate houses during regular business hours.

There shall be no refund or replacement of lost permits

Proof of purchase for any park pass, permit, or gift card cannot be used in lieu of the actual item.

If you have questions, please contact DNR Customer Service at 317-232-4200.


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